Alcatraz fosters collaboration with the most boundary pushing artists, events, and tastemakers to create a space and experience for those who culturally sit in-between and choose to nurture a forward thinking palette.
True to our founding visions, we now stand as a pioneering venue in Sydney for the intersection of cultures and genre bending sound fusions. The next chapter - TRAZ reliably offers our in-house Thursday-Sunday experience curation alongside the most boundary pushing artists and tastemakers, a place for the forward thinkers.
Through the unassuming glass shopfront is The Traz Lounge, a tasteful evening starter, polished but still true to industrial beginnings, with Tapas, Cocktails, and Music positioned as centrepiece to the space.

The transition to the late night always awaits, through the door behind the door and into the Club Room, the scene for individual and collective expression, with diasporic sounds over big bass - The pulse of our always growing Traz community.
Through the unassuming glass shopfront is Alcatraz Lounge, a cozy and elevated setting, while still sitting true to industrial beginnings. Tapas, cocktails, and music positioned as centrepiece to the space.

Behind the big steel doors, the Club Room. Another world for the late night, the space for individual and collective expression with the big bass over diasporic sounds playing as the pulse of the always growing ’Traz community.